Heated steering wheel

Climate setting, you'll see a little red steering wheel. Took me a few hours to figure that out. I didn't mind, it was snowing when I picked up my truck.
A button for this feature is long overdue.
I agree
Finally buttons for heating and cooling of seats.
Need one for the steering wheel now too.
I also miss being able to change the temp up and down on the steering wheel like i could on my 6.4L

But having said that, this is my 4th F350....and the best by far (y) :)
Had a 08, 12, 15, and now 20.
The Tremor rides the best stock of any of them.....kinda close to my 15 after I changed a few things, went to 18's from 20's, and threw away the stock rancho's for Fox 2.0's for all 4 plus steering. Made a world of difference.
When Fox comes out with a replacement shock for the Tremor I'll likely go to them.
But for now the stock ride of the Tremor far surpassed my expectations.
Sorry i went from steering wheel heater button to shocks......it's still early : )
I agree on the button feature, but was pleasantly surprised that once you enabled these features they stay on once you turn the truck off and then back on. Most vehicles I have had, when the truck is turned off it resets the seat heat to off and you need to re activate it again.
Can't you make it easier with Forscan???
The tailgate step was like that for me. Back in '11 I bought a 350 off the lot and it had the tailgate step. I was pretty ambivalent towards it ahead of time but 6 mo in I decided I'd never have another truck without it.

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