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Dec 20, 2022
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so I've commented on a couple of peoples posts about their headlights took my truck to the dealership just at a month ago to get the warranty done on my headlights because of sun fade on top of them took the truck to the dealership. They took pictures said ford would be in contact in two days lol not once have they called. ended up calling them back two weeks later I was feeling like that was plenty enough time they told me that my headlights warranty was approved ok kool someone will be in contact with you to set up a service appointment ok thank you. Now I come out today still haven't heard anything from Ford been 3 days and noticed that the chrome is starting to fry and crack🤦🏻‍♂️ Unbelievable my truck is not even a year old yet. Plus I put in some pictures in there of what the Ford dealership did to my wheel and didn't want to replace it man this is just ridiculous lol and this is two different dealerships in my area there was no way I was going back to the one that damaged my wheel


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It's disappointing to see yet another example of the poor quality of these super expensive headlights. The dealership incompetence and lack of caring is far too common. That is why I dread every time I have to take my truck in for recalls or warranty, there is a chance they will damage something in the process. One of my warranty replacement headlights was scratched during install, they never made good on it. Being small and in an inconspicuous area, I gave up and will try my best to never use their service again.
I would not let them off the hook for that wheel damage.
I was just scouring the forum to find if anyone else had had this issue, with their headlights. Only one of mine is doing it at the moment in 2 different spots, but for the cost of these trucks and only being a year old, I don’t expect this to already be occurring. It seems like some inside coating is delaminating and causing this issue. Light still functions perfectly normal, but would you recommend trying to get it replaced? Pics are as best I could get.


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This is common. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. My 17-19-21 have all done this on the headlights. My 2017 actually spider cracked the entire headlights. Going to ceramic coat my 2024 to see if it will prevent it. Sorry about your terrible dealer experience. Your headlights will be covered under your 3/36 bumper to bumper. Just find a better dealer service center.
I would suggest if you get them replaced or have a new truck to have the headlights PPF. I did my truck and is going 3 1/2 years with no problem. I did have this problem with my '15 after about 5 years with out PPF. That coating is suppose to protect from fading however it likes to crack off and look like hell. There are companies out there that will strip off the coating and polish the headlights. I do not know what this cost though or how good it looks when it is done, but is an option.
My headlights had the coating peel at around a year I think it was, replaced under warranty (both of them). Now at 3.5 years the replacements are doing it again. Will bring it up to the dealer when I go in for my upcoming oil change, but once out of 3/36 im betting your on your own.