Ground Torque Calculations


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Jun 1, 2020
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I built this spreadsheet back in May when I was researching/considering purchasing a Tremor. I was curious about the extent of mechanical advantage that came with deeper gears and the new 10 speed transmission ratios. Pretty eye opening information I thought at the time and I remembered I had done it the other day when posting on another forum. Figured people might like to see the comparison to past super duties.

My takeaway was the pure capability of the 7.3 gas engine as it related to older generation super duty diesels. It's a work smarter not harder situation in my mind since the 2020 7.3/10 speed combo puts down more ground torque than all previous generation diesels prior to the arrival of the 6.7. If those diesels could do the work in their time then there's no reason the 7.3 gas can't do the same work today. The 10 speed is a complete game changer for gas motors and capability.

There's a couple tabs for references if they need to be crosschecked and if anyone sees holes in the numbers/calculations please let me know! Thanks.
I did something similar but included the horsepower calculation for cruise (top gear) and max power (lowest gear possible) at 60 and 75mph. Turns out that the 7.3 with the 10-speed and 4.30 rear end is pretty much equal to my 2018 6.7 with a 6-speed for hill climbing. The only thing we give up is the exhaust brake for downhill performance. Maybe I'll dig it up to share.