Grand Design Imagine XLS MLE


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Mar 15, 2020
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Anyone have any thoughts/experience with the Grand Design Imagine XLS MLE? I'm looking for something that both myself and wife's car can tow (Infiniti QX80). It seems a lot of people love some of the Grand Designs but the larger models. Thanks in advance for the help!
My brother in law has one. Its well made, and seems very large inside.
We love the Grand Designs products. His is a light model can pull with smaller vehicles.
We love our Grand Design Imagine. We have the larger 3100RD, but I think the Imagines are all made with the same quality.

I am surprised how light the TW is compared to a small Rockwood camper we had previously. The GD is 10 feet longer and the dry TW is within 50 lbs.


The Imagine series by Grand Design is same quality as our Solitude model and its a fraction of the price.
We looked HARD at one before we got our Momentum but it was the tow hauler version. With that particular one, the living area seemed nice but a bit odd with the Murphy bed set-up. I did like the kitchen slide and the massive pass through storage on the front. With three kids, it just didn’t seem like a good set-up to have the main living area double as the master bedroom as well. For a couples trailer, it looked almost perfect.
Sorry for digging up an old thread. Your setup looks awesome.
Thanks. No worries. I had never updated. Been a great rig so far. The MLE comes with the queen bed and the MKE had the Murphy bed I believe. I don't think I my wife would have been cool with the Murphy set up :LOL: