Good laugh this morning


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Mar 19, 2021
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Filling up at Costco this morning… someone put this sticker on the pump. 🤣


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I guess you can buy those on Amazon....
Need one for the pump I went to this morning…$3.59
If you’re going poor or struggling to beat inflation in this market you only have yourself and your financial advisor to blame.

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Nobody was struggling a year ago or 4. You must love spending money you shouldn't have to. I bet the gas prices are just fine where you are. LOL

The true scale of this is not felt until you see it in person. Those ships are massive and they extend down the coast for miles. Some are close enough to shore that they look large from the beach. The view from my neighborhood of this with Catalina in the background is awesome. (Well, when its clear.) It fills the whole view from Palos Verdes to Newport Coast.

Photos of modern cargo ships don't do them justice. There's a Liberty Ship and the USS Iowa down in the port. They're tiny compared to one of these. The current view of the coast reminds me of the photo below but the the ships below are a fraction of the size of today's cargo ships.

Regardless of political leanings, there are some indisputable facts about the Biden presidency that have caused a significant rise in the price of gasoline (and inflation, for that matter).

His first week in office, he killed the Keystone Pipeline and new oil leases on Federal Lands (where the vast majority of domestic oil production takes place). This reduced the supply of oil significantly, and shifted the US out of energy independence. For the previous 4 years, the US was energy independent, and a net exporter of oil.

Surprisingly, a "love letter" to OPEC pleading them to increase production was ineffective. Oil supplies remain constrained, and doubly so with the current shipping crisis.

So here we sit, paying nearly double for gas what I was at this point last year.

But what do I know, Economics was just my major.