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Sep 15, 2020
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Just curious to see what everyone uses as their main dash screen, or the one that they have up the most. I use the towing status screen when I have a trailer attached so that I can monitor what my brake gain is set at, but for daily driving I keep finding my self string it on the fuel economy screen. Probably because it has the most action since I seem to try to keep the blue bar above the average MPG line. I’ve tried other screens but get bored of them quick.
I keep mine on either Fuel Economy or Tire Pressure most of the time.
Trip 1 - 4 square on the far left personalized menu.

Then just scroll up and down through all the favourites I have saved!

** When I lived in Alberta it was digital speedo because the Nazi force called Calgary Police are the type to ticket for 10 over..
I have under "My Views" or whatever it's called, the digital speedo, fuel economy, off road and tpms and just scroll up or down to whichever one I want to see.
Fuel Economy screen for me. When towing I leave up the Trailer TPMS screen as I haven't had the chance on my new trailer to upgrade the ST trailer tires yet.
I used to always have the dual gauges with tranny temp and Def level with boost in the top right. Now after forscan with adding trans temp and water temp to the top gauges I usually leave it on the instant fuel economy or dual gauges with Def and boost with trans temp always in the top right.
I use the Trip 2 screen and I watch the clock and miles tick up. Its a habit from my tundra which had a timer screen that started counting every time i turned the truck on so I knew down to 1-2 minutes how long it took me to get places.
Fuel economy and DPF%