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Sep 20, 2023
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Just came across these pictures supposedly the new Glacier Grey.

Awesome! Easily the best pictures I've seen to date. They're obviously taken at sunrise/sunset, so they're more yellow in the white balance but still great pics! Where did you find them? You should post them on the MY24 thread
I have one on order as well and not sure I like that. Will need to see one in person. Will keep my silver 23 if it’s not that great.
Swapped my Glacier Grey order today for another Silver. Just not confident in seeing the GG from pics.
My truck is in production right now. GG + BAP Lariat. Should have it in 3-4 weeks. I imagine there will be better pictures/videos before then. But I'm for sure going to be posting some.
Came across this photo of a glacier grey lariat. Black package and sport package is unavailable on a dually. This grill doesn’t look correct. This is the standard Lariat grill now? If so, I’m not happy. Took away the colored skull caps too.
Glad I switched back to Iconic.
Ok. I didn’t know the dually had a different grill
Still hoping to see a picture of it in direct sunlight.
Well I guess I will be rocking the powder blue! SOB!
Well I guess I will be rocking the powder blue! SOB!
Here’s where I’m at:

The pictures are super inconsistent. Some lighting has it looking icy blue/gray and others look much darker.

I think it’s going to look very different in all sorts of light. Direct sun will have it looking less blue while cool cloudy skies will bring out the blue.

Other manufacturers have done a blue-gray where pictures never really do it justice. Check out Subaru’s Cool Grey Khaki or Honda’s Sonic Gray Pearl. Lighting completely changes the color.

I found this picture on Reddit. it’s the same car in two different lights. It really shows how much these gray colors can vary. If the Glacier Gray morphs like these do, I think it’ll be a cool color to have.