HOT! [Giveaway] FORD TREMOR Parking Only!


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Jul 8, 2019
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October has been one heck of a busy month on the Tremor Forum! We launched our most popular Truck of the Month photo contest and had a huge turn out for our 2nd group buy. I also wanted to take another minute and thank everyone again that signed up to become a supporting member! (more on that here: It's very much appreciated!

Well, that's not all I had planned for this month. It's time to start another giveaway! This month, the winner will receive a metal 12"x18" FORD TREMOR parking sign. This is a solid way to mark your truck's territory and keep that spot reserved!

How do I win you ask? Simple, just reply to this thread WHY your Tremor needs a parking sign like this. I'm looking for the best answer so make it interesting, make it funny, or make it real! The thread will remain open for 5 days. The reasons will be reviewed by a highly accredited judge panel (my wife and kids) and the winner will be announced the night of Thursday October 29th.

Good Luck!
Well, I’ll give it a shot and I’ll keep it simple. I LOVE THIS TRUCK! I LOVE THIS SITE and the people on it! (Especially the guy and his wife and kids who are running it ?) I do my best to represent the Tremor and this place as best as I can, and ...

I just so happen to have the perfect sized location for it right in front of my Tremor parking spot.

Mic dropped...I’ll wait for the thread to close so I can get my sign. Lol! ???
Good luck to those who need such a sign. I've plenty sufficient space to park now.
I honestly don't need the sign but it awesome to have .... i have alot of parking in the woods but i do need to remember which tree is mine ... if all the ford trucks and jeeps in the jeeps they need to know the Tremor lives here !
I need to win this. My new tremor should be here soon and now I’m too poor to buy the sign. ?