Garage issues?


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Apr 24, 2020
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Springfield MO
Hey guys... I’ve been building and shopping for tremors for a while now. Hope to pull the trigger in the next month or two. Hopefully you guys don’t but them all haha

Question for you... anyone have issues fitting theirs in their garage. With my garage door open, I have a small bracket from the opener track that is 84.5 IN. From the floor... will the Tremor clear it? It’s just your “standard” modern subdivision garage. Nothing special or rare. Thanks and keep posting your pics and mods so I can figure out how much money to save for customization ?
Newbie here.
Following this thread too. I am also planning to extend my garage out ~20 foot. Currently, it is 22'6" deep. Need to know if I need to also raise the garage door opening from 6'11' to 7'5" or 8" (8'4" is the max w/o major redesign.)

Hoping to get the garage built out in the fall and then early next year purchase an F350 Tremor.
My Tremor, as it came from the factory, was as close to exactly 83" as I can measure to the antennas on the back of the cab roof. I have an 8' door on my garage and there is tons of clearance. A 7' door would likely be a issue, or at least VERY close.

I have aired down my tires and added a couple hundred pounds of equipment and tools to it, so it might be a little lower now, but 83" was it's starting point.

I have a standard apartment garage door. I had to remove the upper weather strip. It is very close and was very nerve racking at first. Now I just whip her in.

I’m thinking of doing the same thing. I know they are awesome trucks. Just weird to not try to protect a 60K plus expenditure.

I have a 7' door and it fits in by maybe a credit cards thickness. Its too close for my liking so I just leave it outside all the time.
Mine would brush the weather strip (7') with the rear antennas before I lowered the rear. If it fits once then it will fit every time. No reason to stress over it imo. Doesn't really matter if it's 1/8" or 10". It's not like the truck will get taller. If anything, as it gets some miles on it, I would expect the ride height to drop a little bit.
I also have 8' doors on my garage and no issues parking inside.
My 350 Tremor fits in my shop door. Its 7' door but I had to check the arm on the opener to make sure it was higher than the opening.
The small black antenna blocks are very close. Any of the painted surfaces are 1/2-3/4" away.

I changed my tire setting to 55 all around.

Make sure if you have an opener that it is adjusted to open the door all the way. Sometimes the door is not properly adjusted and you can gain a bit of clearance. the other trick is the weather stripping on the top, It can be replaced with a lower profile rubber sweep. That could give you another 3/8".