Garage....does it fit!?


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Apr 12, 2021
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I will probably catch heat on this much room does everyone have around their truck when you put it in your garage? I know garage size varies but curious to see how everyone is doing it. I have always kept my F150 in the garage and thinking of pulling the trigger on the F250 and hoping it will fit. My depth on the garage is about 253" and the truck is about 250" from the spec sheet...going to be tight!
they are long and tall. Will fit in a 7' tall door but the 253" that will be tight.
It's a squeeker. Garage door is 82" tall. Truck is 81" and a smidge.
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I have an 8’ h x 16’ w door so no issues getting in. My garage is 28’ x 28’ so is big enough. They say you can never make a garage too big.

My second garage has a 7’ door. Glad to know I could squeeze in there if I needed to.
My garage is 256” long. The brace on my door is 3” thick so I have about 3” to work with. I can just fit mine in if it is parked straight. I built a nice stop the goes up against the wall and that works pretty good.


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I went Boat shopping with my Garage Measurements. I didn't have a choice, it had to fit. Folding Tongue, Check. Motor Turns in how far .. Check. Now, how High ?? ..
I'm sure they thought I was an Idiot .. LOL ..!!
I don't have a problem fitting into my garage. I do have a problem driving under the carport first to get to my garage. lol


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When I built my place, I had a Ford E-350 4x4 van. That beast was tall. 8’ door was a must.

I also have a lifted 200 series Land Cruiser with Front Runner rack. It needs more than 7’.

So the Tremor fits nice.

A garaged automobile lasts longer and looks better.

No issues here with the house garage, two stalls are 48 feet deep and the other two are 32 feet deep, with 8 foot high doors. But when we built, I got the garage she got the house......LOL
Exactly what I did with our house being built in Montana. 40'X18' RV bay with full hookups 14'X12' roll up doors on both ends, 18' ceiling and drive around paving. 26'X26' garage with 8'X16' door.

I paid the price by letting her go full ham on the house tho.
The garage is reserved for my Wife's Infiniti, but occasionally I park the Tremor in there while we're away on family trips. To get the Tremor through the door, I have to lower tire pressure in the rear to 15 psi and front to 20 psi.

Then, I unpin the garage door opener to push the door all the way back and can back the Tremor in. It fits fine lengthwise. Once we're back from our trip, Tremor comes out, tires are aired up and it's quite a while before it goes back in.

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