Gaia GPS + Tremor


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Feb 6, 2020
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I just thought I would post this since I am an avid but novice Gaia GPS user and love my Tremor and offroading.. No affil with Gaia.

Gaia GPS is amazing for route planning, navigation and cataloging routes for offroad fun. It integrates fairly nicely with Carplay so it's available on the nav screen in our Tremors. I have been using it extensively in multiple vehicles from light offroading and camping to offroad racing and chasing. I keep all my camp spots, routes, sights, dangers, and more in Gaia and it's awesome to have them appear and be exposed while exploring in the truck.

Here are a couple bullets on how I use Gaia GPS:

- Do route planning on an iOS device at your house before you leave. Gaia is particularly nice on a big screen Ipad.
- You can share routes with friends (happy to share many of my hand-curate routes/spots as well as ones others have shared via PM)
- Plan a route, no need to 'upload' or anything. Just ensure that you have downloaded the 'tiles' of an area to your device before you go.
- You need Gaia on your IoS device when connected via cable to Carplay. The paid plan is worth it - you get really nice backgrounds showing public land, overlays with features, MVUM, etc.
- Gaia works good on Carplay as you drive as a navigation aid. However, It's not good to plan routes on Carplay.
- Remember it's using the built in cell signal or the built-in wifi (if you have it) for backgrounds and such unless you have downloaded them to your phone. So download the tiles to your phone for areas before you go.
- You can record via phone at the same time Carplay displays the results.
- Gaia automatically sync's routes to the cloud site ( as well. You can share routes from there.
Downloaded Gaia but have not registered for an account yet. I like the carplay integration and the ability to see the maps on the nav screen. I've got OnXmaps also which is good too. Just no carplay. Gaia seems a bit more feature rich