Furrion Wireless RV back-up camera with dash touch screen?

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Sep 5, 2020
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My new slide in camper came equipped with a Furrion Wireless back up camera. Pretty neat little system where the camera is mounted above the camper door on the outside, and a deticated switch is mounted on the inside. The 4.3" screen plugs into the cig lighter and is constantly on until you unplugged the screen and turn off the camera switch in the camper.
The tailgate has to be removed to accommodate my slide in camper.
My question is, would it be possible to display the signal from the backup camera on the truck's dash screen?

I highly doubt it. But does is happy to sell you one that will work.
You will need the ford trailer backup camera but if you have a slide in camper you probably cannot access the port in the bed. You would probably need to remove the connector underneath the bed and wire up the ford trailer backup camera, then press the button on the screen that looks like a trailer to activate that. The benefit of the Furrion is that you can keep it on all the time. Downside is you cant see it in your screen.

I have seen some nav screen unlockers that would have an aux input that might allow the furrion camera to work. Not sure if you want to spend $500-1000 trying to get this to work.
Hi optx002 (fitting name for a camera expert)
I really don't want to spend too much money to accomplish this. I was hoping the wireless signal from the furrion could somehow be received by the truck.
The Furrion is surprisingly clear so I am happy, I just don't like the idea of forgetting to shut it off. Good thing the camper has 2 x 185 watt solar panels on the roof!

This might work, but not cheap at $400.

This might work, but not cheap at $400.
They have a FLIR/night vision camera hookup???? He mentions it in the last several moments of the video
You never know when you will need thermal/night vision.
I know, totally cool toy. Actually, I live in an area with a lot of deer strikes and I am often driving home late at night from work. I have a friend with an Audi with a FLIR camera thats integrated into the digital dash. It will actually search for threats (big game, humans on bikes, etc) and hi light them on the screen. It saved him last month when he was able to slow and take evasive action on a snowy night with a few deer wanting to play frogger on the highway. clearly this wouldn't be as integrated as the expensive Audi system, but something to think about. Any military contractors on the forum? Perhaps a January group buy for some fancy special forces night vision goggles?????