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Feb 1, 2021
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Coming from a 2013 Raptor, I'm a little put off by not having the no cap, Easy Fill gas filler system. That was so nice and the one on the Tremor seems like a POS afterthought and gets twisted. Does anyone else notice how crappy this is and is getting an Easy Fill system an option on the F250?
I am surprised about this too, as for a period of time everything was coming with capless from Ford, and many light duty diesel trucks were starting to come with a similar capless system, but it was for misfueling, so you could not accidentally put gas in them. They have had some issues with the flap and seal system failing and that turns on the check engine light, maybe why, not sure.
Fuel Cap Issues Solved. No need to thank me, you can thank our next generation. Lol ????


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The gas cap and the tether are junky. Anyone cut theirs off the cord yet?
Picked up a 3D printed cap holder from KMTWEB here on the forum and cut the cord off. Tried using WD40 to make it spin easier and would work for a few months, then have to redo.
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I can’t find a aftermarket ezy fill replacement gas cap, does anybody make one?
My biggest complaint about the truck. My last 3 vehicles did not have a gas cap, and I was honestly surprised they still make them.
My wife’s 2019 Tahoe doesn’t have a gas cap and I find it very odd. Every vehicle I’ve ever owned has had a gas cap. Having said that, my current DD is an ‘02 model so maybe I’m just behind the times, but I’m also old school and much prefer to have a gas cap. Nice to hear that these trucks have one.
Anybody tried any alternative solutions? Was dissatisfied when I went to fill for the first time the other day.

Not even a cup/stem to set the cap on, just let the damn thing flop all over the body of the truck. Absolutely genius in my humble opinon…
I love that I don't have a capless fuel neck, because at work and certain fuel stations I go to have high flow pumps. I like that I can fill up in less than 2 or 3 minutes from near empty.

But the plastic cord is trash.. I cut that right off lol.
Check out this thread... I purchased one of these and cut the cord: