Front light bar?????

Baja Designs 7 XL linkable
Okay, when is someone going to make some mounts so you can mount a light bar or two behind the grill??
Same. And when you say behind I assume you mean flush or integrated into the grill?
I had no idea how expensive these are! They do look cool. Pay for quality.

i’m obsessed.

Did you drill right into the top of the bumper? Does that mount seem to hold to bar secure?
Hi. Sure did. 2 holes. depending upon the size of light bar you can reach up from under and tighten. I made the mistake of watching an install from a 2019 F350. Totally different bumper layout. Removing the plastic from around the hooks is a PITA. Seriously, it sucked. Then i just looked up and went poop. Could have avoided all that trim removal.