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Jan 17, 2020
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Hey guys. I’ve got a fun little survey for us. My wife bought my oldest son a new pair of shoes today and we had a debate about what the pattern is. So. What pattern do you guys see on the shoe?


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Red blood flowing over a chess board
I saw plenty of people wearing similar B/W checkerboard shoes in the 80s, but never bloodstained, except for this one girl..... guess it was that time of month.
??Checkered flames over red those are pretty cool I won’t show the kids or they will what some to
My wife and daughters see blood on a checkerboard. My son and I see checkered flames. Thought it was interesting. Reminds me of that blue dress picture a while back. Thanks for playing guys. Hope everyone is doing well
Cheesy blood stain over ugly overused checkerboard.........or......what one could call....."Female Repellant" LOL
Spilt red paint an the classic Van's Off the Wall.
Cartoon blood on Spicoli’s shoes.
Favorite scene during my favorite movie....this was my life in 1974 and 1975!!

Oh....blood dripping down on those ugly checkerboard sneakers........

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