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Dec 21, 2019
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Anybody heard anything from their dealer on the factory installed winch? Ford Performance said at SEMA it would be added to the build sheet.
I was told it will be a dealer installed option that won’t be available from Ford Performance until at least late in the 2 quarter of production.
i ordered winch on my tremor and dealership said they send it out to a 4x4 shop to have winch installed and it would be covered under warranty
i ordered winch on my tremor and dealership said they send it out to a 4x4 shop to have winch installed and it would be covered under warranty

That's awesome! How much was the winch option?
Did you specifically ask for the Ford Performance/Warn winch set up from SEMA? If so, please post the part numbers and prices. My contact at Ford Performance tells me that these parts have not been priced or released yet.
i ordered winch on my tremor and dealership said they send it out to a 4x4 shop to have winch installed and it would be covered under warranty
Duke, Which winch are they going to install?

I am hoping the Warn 16.5 TI-S with wireless remote will fit behind the factory bumper. One of the pluses of the 12 Raptor over the 18 was the ability to tuck a 12k Warn behind the grill.
i had a hidden winch on my 13 raptor. at sema it said tremor had a 12k warn winch
dealership did not have any info on winch just that a 4x4 shop will install it and it's under warranty. i tried contacting warn industries but they were no help. i guess i just have to wait
Is the truck you ordered diesel or gas? Curious if the hidden winch option is available for diesels or just gas?

Thanks in advance!

i got the gas 7.3
i 'm pretty sure you can get a winch with the gas or diesel engine
this was the info i got from the dealership


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I am ok with a 12k Warn, I wonder if they’re going with the Zeon 12-S? The photo and a video that I saw from SEMA looks like it has Spydura cable. As long as they don’t do the “Hidden Winch” that requires the bumper to be pushed out 5 inches.

Rock, looks like you have some kind of intercooler in front of the radiator on your diesel but it might fit.

I have been looking behind the bumper, and without a winch to take reference measurements, I can't see how it would fit without relocating truck parts or pushing the bumper out at least a little bit with the 6.7.

I really would like a 16.5 in a Road Armor Stealth bumper, but I have to say, the stock bumper is well done and looks amazing. Debating on next steps.

Ford Performance still has not released any information on the winch that Ford displayed on the 2020 Tremor at SEMA this year. I have been told that they are still planning on releasing a version of a Ford Performance/Warn winch package in the near future. It still remains to be seen if it will be compatible with the 6.7 or Adaptive Cruise control, only time will tell.

The problem I have observed in the past with items shown by manufacturers at SEMA is often they displayed to grab your attention, more for looks and not function.

I am leaning towards installing Torklift's Ecohitch on the front and using a Warn Multimount Zeon 10S winch for winching if needed (pulling out idiots, skidding logs, hunting and such). It still allows the front plate to be displayed when not using the winch, doesn't require a leveling kit or moving the adaptive cruise control and you can use the multimount winch on both the front or rear receiver. The only drawback is it is limited to a 10,000lbs pull weight.

Copied the below pic from another website, not my truck


Below link is a PDF file providing product information and displaying the Ecohitch install

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Ford winch update today on Autoblog lists the winch as being available mid 2020 at $3000 for a Warn built 12000# unit. The article says it fits behind the stock bumper and available for both gas and diesels.

I usually don’t post internet articles without any outside verification. I will check with Ford Performance later this week to see if it is official on their side of the house. Just thought you guys would want to know.
thanks for the info
The $3,000 winch option fully integrates behind the truck's bumper and won't interfere with crash-worthiness. The winch itself comes with a synthetic line as opposed to a steel cable and the whole thing is operated via a wireless remote with provisions for a wired remote should you want one.

"We developed this unique winch in cooperation with Warn specifically to meet Built Ford Tough truck standards for our new F-Series Super Duty," said Ron Meredith, Ford truck vehicle personalization planning manager, in a statement. "Having a winch specially designed to our Built Ford Tough standards gives our hard-working Super Duty customers yet another tool to extend this truck's capabilities, whether at work or on the trail."

(source Cnet)

thanks again i had a hidden winch on my 13 raptor it looked great. always used it to help other people never got stuck myself
For $3k it better be a Zeon 12S Platinum. Its dimensions are 24.25” L x 7.15” D x 10.52” H
I still would like to see if a 16.5 Ti will fit with a 7.3l.Its dimensions are 24.2” L x 8.5” D x 9.7” H

The 16.5k is over 1 inch deeper but not as high as the 12k, however the height is centered on the 12k and to the driver side on the 16.5k. Tough call without pulling the front bumper.