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Sep 24, 2019
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So we all thank (635 members) the Ford Tremor and the new Ford Bronco will/are/will be highly sought after. .. but how long ?
I would guess a year or 2 ,and like any other vehicle they will be just another truck.. and just like any other vehicle they will lose you a lot of money.
But some have more to lose than others and some just want to be the "guy" and do not care ,and I was once was "that guy"

So I am curious ? why not buy the stock in" Ford" instead of the truck and maybe make some money and offset the cost of the crazy prices these new Trucks cost?
The current stock price is $7.01 and the depreciation on new trucks are 1/2 value in 5-6 years ?

I am not a current stock holder at this time ..but will be shortly . I am also not any type of investment guru and do not claim to be. Just a wondering.

disclaimer : my last new truck was a special ordered 1983 Ford F250 with a 4/speed right after High School. At 56 I want to keep more of what I earn.
I was searching for a truck last year and almost purchased a clean 08 250 with 100k miles on it. It was still $18/20k for a 12 year old superduty.

if my $60k msrp(I’ll be paying closer to $54k before ttl) is Tremor is worth $20k in 10 or 12 years I’d be very happy.

$3k a year loss can be done just by buying an used Honda Accord at retail and selling at private sale price.

Bottom line is you can lose money on even japanese used cars.

If you buy and hold you will be fine. If you buy and sell every 2 years you could lose $5/8k a year.

As far as ford stock it’s marginal. I can’t stand what Ford is doing besides the Tremor/Bronco. I can’t stand the e and has ruined the entire mustang name because of it. The ranger looks awful and I’m not impressed with the 21 150. There are so many better stocks out there.
Nio if you want a cheap Tesla. It just went from 2 to 12.
LMT too specially in these uncertain times.
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I would not invest in any auto manufactures Ford was $3.56 a few short weeks ago. With shortages of supplies on the horizon and the number of people not back to work its a big gamble with little reward. All time Ford High was $42.45 in May of 1999.