Ford Just Applied for the Trademark Ford Excursion (again)


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Jul 8, 2019
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Ford appears to be digging into its own archive and bringing back the Excursion from the early-to-mid 2000s. That's if a recent trademark application by Ford with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is anything to go by. Filed on April 24, the application seeks to use the name for "Motor vehicles, namely, automobiles, pick-up trucks, electric vehicles, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and their structural parts.

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Sign me up for a Ford Excursion Tremor!!
I read that article yesterday about the trademark filing. Got me excited too. I hope they bring it back and this just isn't a trademark protection move. I had a 2000 Excursion with the v10 (couldn't afford the 7.3 diesel at the time) and it was bulletproof. Had over 380k miles on it before i gave it to my little brother. Too bad it was stolen and ended up across the border most likely. I'd buy one to replace my wife's Expedition in a heartbeat!
I still look at excursions for sale. I don't know why, I have always liked them. The wife makes fun me for it.