First time ordering new vehicle. Best way to go


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Apr 14, 2021
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I am looking to order a 2022 250 lariat tremor in the next few months. I have never ordered a vehicle before so I don’t know the tricks to best pricing. Can someone explain what to look for? I am reading a lot about x plan and Costco. How does these work and compare to MSRP and involce? I have lots of dealers to choice from in my area so shopping around shouldn’t be too hard.
In this environment the X plan is good There have been supply line shortages that caused the inventory levels to drop off so prices came up.
ask to see the invoice and get everything in writing from them. don't pay MSRP, You should be around Invoice with the X plan. Its going to take a while for the order so shop around. I hear some guys join the Mustang club for a discount but you need to be a member for 60 days to get the deal.
I think Costco has a certain Spec for the vehicles so you may not be able to get it the way you want it. I shop there and like them but I did much better with out them.
Costco pricing won't be available yet for 2022, which is what you have to order. Get xplan via No wait, no fuss, $40. Ignore the MCA nonsense. I emailed 3 fleet managers and one of them came back saying they would offer invoice. On an 80K truck, that's the same as xplan. I did go xplan with a different dealer due to sales tax issues, but look around. Don't pay more than invoice on an order.
Talk to a dealer you like(I like smaller dealers and talking with the owner), tell them you want to order an F250. Ask them for $500 back of invoice and see what they say. Don’t go higher than invoice pricing.
Dealerships have an allocation of trucks set by Ford, based on their previous sales. Over that, they're dealer trading to get inventory. It can take Smaller dealerships longer to get an ordered vehicles than a Larger, higher volume Dealer. For the past 25 yrs, I've bought my trucks from Brandon Ford in Tampa. Fortunately for me, they're the Largest selling Ford Dealership in the World. They placed my order on January 25, 21. Nothing special, a 250 Lariat Tremor w/7.3. The Truck was built on February 25, they received my truck on the March 15th. I took delivery on the 22nd. 7 weeks from order to delivery. Thats unheard of times today. Now, 3 months later, they say their new inventory is unpredictable. They have storage lots that are empty. If this is happening to them, small dealers are going to starve. All the while, used car prices are skyrocketing ..