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Jan 17, 2020
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I’m sure many of you already have IFAKs in your trucks but for those who don’t the blue ridge overland bag fits perfectly in the bottom of the center console. It sits flat on the bottom and is as tall as the 12v outlet in there.
Supplies are not included. Just the bag and velcro-backed pouches inside. If you're looking for good supplies check out ITS tactical. Another great company is north american rescue. You could piece everything together but it's easier to just get it all at once from reliable sources. In other words, not Amazon. I'll grab some photos of the gear I have in there but in summary I have an ITS boo boo kit in one (bandaids, simple meds, etc) , a more expansive wound care set up in one (my own supplies), 2 CAT tourniquets and 2 rolls of israeli bandage in one (from ITS as well), and 2 ITS ETA trauma kits in the last one. The ETA trauma kits have HALO chest seals, quick clot gauze, compression bandages, and other goodies. I also carry extra gloves and trauma shears on the bag. Photos to come...
Additional photos in case anyone is curious


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Sweet set up. I like that panel. Looks like it sits pretty tight up against the seat. My 5lb Amerex is the bed tool box. Not that great for quick access. But I’ve got some griots extinguishers coming that’ll go in the cab.
Sweet set up. I like that panel. Looks like it sits pretty tight up against the seat. My 5lb Amerex is the bed tool box. Not that great for quick access. But I’ve got some griots extinguishers coming that’ll go in the cab.
Thanks, was looking to get a bit more organized and have stuff within reach. That panel is out in 1 minute if need be.
found them on the internet and paid full retail.
I do like their stuff, made my own attachment points.
Dark Angel Medical (small veteran owned company in Colorado) is one of the very best company's to purchse from, they have superb customer care and you can taylor the kits to your level of training. They also offer training and have a very cool sun visor kit that once again you can tailor to your level of training and I think they are coming out with a med kit that fits on the back of a headrest

A new First Aid Kit is on my list for my truck. I will check out ITS Tactical.

I have been looking at My Medic gclid=CjwKCAjwyvaJBhBpEiwA8d38vCHM1w8zjldiopnhjt8FJzoulc4ojagyCJ7VYRr3ZUC3kvUMPWgLwxoCjpIQAvD_BwE
That's what I run. With the mymedic kits the supplies are great. I always opt for the advanced version of the kits since I'm pretty familiar with more advanced life saving techniques from my time as a medic. They offer online tutorials as well. The headrest and seatback panels are from 5.11 and


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I ended up building my own kit. I do like a lot of premade kits out there, but I'd rather have everything I may need, everything I know how to use, and nothing else. It just makes the most sense to piecemeal.

I bought a pouch from Amazon a while back. It's got a velcro backer, molle front, and a decent pouch setup inside. You can see what's inside based on the pictures. For the ouch pouch, I keep Benadryl, Advil, Tylenol, and Tums for medication. That should be everything you need on a very basic level. One thing I don't keep in here but I do in my other IFAKs is an Albuterol inhaler. I don't feel comfortable keeping an aerosol spray in a hot vehicle.

And yes, that's a pair of handcuffs on the front of the IFAK. You never know what might happen out in the wild.