Finally signed up

Congrats, what color/engine did you get?
Congratulations and welcome!
Congrats, what color/engine did you get?
7.3L iconic silver
The diesel was tempting but the extra price scared me away. And, I'm not planning on towing much more than my boat. I need the payload.

I optimized this for getting me to elk camp, hence the silver to hide Colorado pin stripes best:)
Congrats on the new truck. Welcome to the group.
After reading for months, i finally created an account. I'm picking up my Tremor tomorrow.

Is there an app for my phone for this forum?
I use brave browser and just go to the website...don't use Tapatalk or anything.
Alright, what's a Colorado pin stripe?
In Colorado, we call scratches from brush and trees that run lengthwise of your vehicle Colorado pin stripes. I've seen many times before other people refer to them as <state> pin strips, such as Wyoming pin stripes, etc. I'm not sure who came up with it originally...

There are some gnarly strips in this post by Wolfs4evr. Hopefully I can avoid them in that abundance.