Finally here - Tremor + Overland Explorer Camp-X Slide-in Campers - In stock!!!


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Jul 23, 2020
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Hey folks - @ Asheville Vehicle Outfitters we finally have 2x Overland Explorer (OEV) CAMP-X slide in Campers in stock. Just got time this morning to slide one in the back of my Tremor for a test fitment and pictures and I think these two platforms pair amazingly well. Right now the market for off-road capable slide in campers is hot as seen by the exorbitant lead time (9+ months) we're seeing with competitor solutions like Four Wheel Campers (FWC). We recently joined the OEV dealer network and have two in stock ready to find a home.

If you're looking for a slide-in camper and have been considering a more off-road oriented + compact style + all-season slide-in that will stand the test of time and the elements, look no further than the Camp-X. These campers come loaded from the factory with high-end interior and exterior bits. Inside you have a Redarc Manager 30 managing your electronics, 20gal fresh water tank, propane furnace, propane hot water for the sink and shower, Dometic brand kitchen appliances, shore power system, dual batteries + Solar panels, interior LED lighting, interior fans, cold weather insulation and enough interior space to sleep 2 adults and several children. The camper weighs about 1200 lbs as it ships. When I set the camper in my stock suspension F250 Tremor, the rear sits down about 1-1/2 inches and levels out nice where I have a slight forward rake angle. The truck drives great with the load in the back since the rear suspension has a nice load to it and rides softer now.

The exterior of the camper uses aluminum extrusion and composite materials for extra strength and durability but is still lightweight. The interior is extremely nice compared to a FWC as there's no wood, it's all composite materials which makes it extremely durable. Appliances include a Dometic sink, Dometic Fridge, Dometic dual burner stove, Truma hot water system. The exterior of the camper has options for Molle panels to mount all sorts of accessories. The sides of the campers are ready to mount our Alu-Cab 270 Degree Shadow Awning and Shower Cube. There's also a 190Watt Solar panel on top of the camper and it's paired with either dual AGM or Lithium batteries as an option. The camper includes wiring to hook up to the truck's charging system so the camper batteries can charge from the alternator as well.

Full stats/specs for the camper can be found here:

If you're interested in pricing/availability or simply have questions.... Give us a call and ask for Eric. 844.667.3687 or email us at


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It definitely looks sturdier than a FWC from the outside. Interesting placement of the fridge too. Would give you a nice little nightstand I guess. With all those options though I feel like my wallet would easily be $40k+ lighter.
I'm interested in a Camp-X for my Tremor. I sent you an e-mail. Thanks