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Jul 6, 2021
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Sync4 & Android Auto - Fist off, wireless Android Auto/Apple Car Play is a game changer. However, it takes a lot of power (4 x normal battery drain, from what I've seen). I can put my phone on the wireless charging pad, but without ventilation, it gets really hot. Why Ford decided to put the wireless charger there, is beyond me. Huge fail. AC vent charger ordered.

I did order the complementary 3 months of AT&T hot spot. I'm hoping that takes some load off my phone/battery. When checking my phone, the phone wifi is hooked to Android Auto so I am curious, does it know to use the truck wifi instead of my phone's data? Surely it does, right? There's a lot to Sync4 and Android Auto/Apple Car Play. I expect there's going to be a lot of threads about it once more trucks get out in the wild.

Ambient Lighting - My old truck (2015 F-150 Lariat SCREW FX4) had ambient lighting in the cup holders, under the dash, door handles, etc. I could also change the color. I found the setting for ambient lighting but I only see it in the door handle area and it is only one color. My only option is to turn the brightness up or down. Is that it or is there another setting I am missing?

Lane Keeping System - again, my old truck would actually correct the truck if it veered off too much. It appears this truck only has the "alert" feature. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.

Minor gripes/questions. It is still the best truck I've ever owned. Couldn't be happier.
I think your observations are correct for the most part. I'm thinking the cup holders are lit but turned off. I had to turn mine on on the sync 3 settings. You'll need to set your DATA settings on your phone to prioritize WIFI. FYI if you pay the ATT with an annual payment it divides out to 16.66 / month. Not a bad deal for unlimited and connectivity for up to 10 devices.
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Agreed, superduties only have lane keep
Warning. I’m told the difference between the 150’s and 250/350’s is electric vs hydraulic steering. The 150 was electric and can be controlled by the computer, where the 250/350 is hydraulic.

your phone is doing all the processing of the Airplay/wireless android, vehicle Wifi or not, the phone is gonna be working hard and therefore get hot.

My 20 Super Duty has only brightens and 1 color for the LED’s
That's the thing,Thank you for the feedback. Makes sense.

I know it kinda sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not. I'm actually still in awe at how bad ass this truck is. Ford knocked it out of the park especially considering the circumstances the past few years.

I will say, the 2023's are going to be insane.