Nov 20, 2020
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Fahrvergnügen (German pronunciation: [ˈfaːɐ̯fɛɐ̯ˌɡnyːɡn̩]) was an advertising slogan used by the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen in a 1990 U.S. ad campaign that included a stick figure driving a Volkswagen car. "Fahrvergnügen" means "driving enjoyment" in English (from fahren, "to drive," and Vergnügen, "enjoyment"). The term itself is not standard German but a neologism (compound noun) created especially for this advertising campaign. One of the tag lines incorporating the word was: "Fahrvergnügen: It's what makes a car a Volkswagen".

The reason I posted this was because my step-daughter is a 31 year old VW Diesel fan-girl. She has no clue when I laugh and ask her how was her Fahrvergnügen on the drive over to visit us. I can be easily entertained with stupid shit like that. I love to Fahrt all over Germany during my visits there. When I exit off the Autobahn I am doing an Ausfahrt ("Ass fart" pretty funny to us 12-year-old minded, 57 year old people). Similarly when I drove through Dumass, Arkansas - I was hysterical (they could even spell 'DUMB' correctly) when I saw the Dumbass Bank, the Dumbass School Bus, etc... I know it's a play on the spelling and the pronunciation, but my warped mind wanders and I entertain myself... that's all! :)