F350 Diesel, 11,400 lb. GVWR package


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Jun 25, 2020
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TL;DR: On an F350, the Tremor package removes the 11,400 lb. GVWR option. Confirmed when I ordered my truck at the dealership.

I live in California and having a GVWR of 11,500 lb. or higher raises your registration fees significantly and (the real kicker) you are supposed to go through all weigh stations. I’ve been planning to order an F350 Tremor for a while now and I’ve been building them on the Ford “build and price” page. One thing I noticed is that the 10,000 lb. derate option worked but the 11,400 lb derate would remove the Tremor package. This didn’t make sense to me since they are basically the same. I assumed it was a programming mistake. So, when I went to the dealership yesterday to order, we started by building an F350. I can confirm that the 11,400 lb. derate option is not available on the F350. The only option for derate is 10,000 lb. and it doesn’t really make sense to get that package because the F250 Tremor package requires selection of the high capacity tow package which gives you a 10,800 lb. GVWR. The other build and price quirk I found is that (on the F350 but not F250) switching to the power deployable running boards would remove the Tremor package. This was not the case on the dealers system.

So, that was my only disappointment with the truck. I’m losing about 700 lbs. of payload by getting the F250. Luckily, I don’t have anything in mind that would max the truck. I just like to be prepared. I could just get the F350, not put the CVRA stickers on, and then just skip the weigh stations but it would always bother me. Otherwise, I’m very excited. I’m getting a velocity blue, platinum, tremor. I didn’t see the winch option when we were building it but I asked the dealer to take a look.

I know this is a somewhat unique situation but hopefully this information is useful to someone.
I have a ‘20 F350 Lariat (+Sport + Ultimate) Tremor, but with the gas 7.3, and mine has a 11,300 lb GVWR package applied to it. It also has the power running boards.

I didn’t order it, just found it on a lot and bought it, so unsure how it came to be configured, but I wonder if there’s some order config wizardry that could get you closer to what you want.