F250 Tremor without Prep Package


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Apr 29, 2020
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2020 F250 Tremor
So my tremor didnt come with the 5th wheel prep package so i went aftermarket with a Reese underbed hitch kit RP30886. Here's all the fun i had and wanted to ensure anyone that goes my route understands the problems. First of all apparently the 2020 trucks do not come with the inside frame brackets that support either the prep package or the aftermarket Reese kit. I called up Reese to let them know and they sent out the left and right inside frame brackets. Next i found out that the reason was because Ford relocated the brake line/ Ebrake harness right where this bracket should be. And of course the Reese brackets do not have the holes or the extended bolts to reposition the brake line/ ebrake harness. So now i had to drill out 1/2 in holes to pass through longer bolts to bolt back up the harness. And the reality is I'm still not entirely happy with this as these brackets should have been welded to the frame for extra strength which i did not do but might do in the future. Either Way it was a rough install to get something that should have been on the truck to begin with.


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Thanks for the info. So glad I had the option when I ordered. I sold my old Reese hitch to a guy that was going to self install. Even on the older trucks it's a lot of work and measuring.