F-350 Tremor Towing GVWR,GCWR,GAWR,GTWR


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Sep 28, 2020
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Can someone please post pictures of the GVWR sticker & Tire and Loading Information sticker please.
Not much info online well as far as I've been searching.
Im pulling a fifth wheel
Dry Weight 9954lbs
GVWR 1499lbs
Hitch Weight 2458lbs
Also adding a utv to the trailer 1900lbs
What is the towing capacity on a fifth wheel for a 2020 F-350 Platinum Tremor.
They said there's a difference from the Tremor to the FX4.
Best rear axel ratio? 3.31 or 3.55 ?
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I have an F-250 Platinum Tremor
Cargo weight of 2665 lbs, and a 10800 GVRW with the trailer and 5th wheel package.
3.55 Electronic Locking Axle
Dry weight is as I found it is 7,677, but calc's to 8,135, probably with Tremor tires and skid plates.
Tiers are E rated at 80psi.
Here's a Ford doc that should help see the difference with a 350, I got it off a different page. Just scroll down, the links all take you to ford which don't help.
I have posted mine before . I have F350 Tremor with the hole in the roof ( sunroof matters)
You are looking at ~3200-3400# payload on a 6.7L F350 Tremor depending on options. Add about 500# for the 7.3L.
3.55s are standard on the Tremor due to the 35s. FX4 is junk.
F350 Tremor, 6.7L diesel, platinum trim, sunroof, almost every option, 3221 payload on my truck
I own a F250 Lariat Ultimate Sport 6.7 3.55 Gears. My gvwr is 10800 my cargo Capacity is 2730 lbs.....and I weighed my truck as pictured with wife and dog full of fuel (no 5th wheel hitch) and it was exactly 8600 lbs.