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Jan 19, 2021
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So I ordered my Platinum Tremor a couple days ago. I wanted power running boards, but Ford's build site doesn't let you add them with the Tremor package. Then today I see 2021 Platinum Tremors on a dealer's site (way too far away from me unfortunately) and YouTube channel with power running boards. Is this one of those bugs on Ford's build site and you can actually have the dealer do it (i.e. Lariat's and rain sensing wipers/heated steering wheel)? I checked the order guide also and it makes no mention of power running boards not being available for a Platinum Tremor.
Quick update - built the truck at Cars Direct this what it says about power running boards:

Standard equipment that can be added back to the truck with no charge when (17Y) tremor off-road package is ordered.

I'm going to contact the dealership tomorrow to see if I can add them.
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You can. Its a site glitch.

I just bought a 350 platty tremor off the lot with power running boards
Awesome. Thank you for the confirmation.
I have a 2020 and I requested my drop down boards from the dealership and it showed up done.
Yes, the build site will not let you add the power boards, but they are a no-cost option with the platinum trim - just need to ask the dealer. I’m really glad I got them.
I was able to get the power running boards added. I love the look too, thanks for the pic. Beautiful truck. My wife and kids will be happy to not have to take a giant step up.
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Besides the look they drop down lower than the fixed ones for the vertically challenged. That said they don't provide any protection when off-roading. The fixed ones on my F150 may have saved me some serious cash a couple of times.