Extreme cold, interesting


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Aug 18, 2020
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Well. Looks like sub zero temperatures for a while. What are you doing to keep your tremor comfortable?
Factory installed supplemental heater does a good job keeping me comfortable and I plug the block heater in a few hours before starting to keep my truck comfortable. I also run 5W40 in the winter (and am actually currently running 0W40 since I expect to be doing cold starts in -40 next month in Canada, yikes!).
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ford has videos online where they leave em sit in a giant arena size freezer at -40 for days then cold start em to do tuning and make sure they will start. i dont even bother plugging it in now i just set the timer through the app so it starts and warms up while I'm in the shower.
...Leaving it in my heated shop in town and using my warmer blooded gas vehicles for now. 😁

"Only" getting down to -26f here tonight and looks like we'll have a high temp sneaking slightly above freezing on Monday or Tuesday.
Dual battery? I read you are supposed to connect the negative to 1 of them and the positive to the other to charge them correctly. Is that correct?
Like @pkrexer stated. A direct parallel setup like our trucks makes no difference. By connecting to the plus and minus on one battery, you are supplying identical charge to both batteries. On a system connected in series it would make a difference.