DPF Back Exhaust (I know, multiple threads)

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Dec 19, 2020
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I wanted to start a fresh thread... apologies. I’ve used search and read through everything too. Just looking for opinions...

So as we know... keeping this thing emissions compliant, and additionally CARB compliant (Communist State of CA Air Resource Board) is very challenging with mods.

I’m sure there’s no material gains in HP and probably very little noise to be changed by doing a DPF back bolt on System. But, any real world feedback... like will I hear anything since the resonator will be removed?

Also... it seems like a 5” might gain some noise, but I am not sure about clearance wit the spare tire and additionally I doubt it would work with a 37” spare (need to look into the Carlis Hitch too).

If I do a CAI, and DPF back 4” exhaust I totally understand I’m essentially throwing money away. But will I get any gratification from this mods?

I mean changing the tips alone kind of makes me want to do this project. I think the looks of the dual Magnaflow outlets look good.

I know anything Banks is probably the most CARB compliant but again... not sure if I liked their Single exit and 5” just probably won’t clear the spare let alone a bigger spare.

Will I even notice/hear a combo of intake and 4” DPF back exhaust?

Truthfully haven’t even been able to confirm whether or not the muffler can be swapped out on here and remain emissions compliant.

I love a little exhaust note and turbo noise... anything that makes me feel like “this is mine.”

Thanks in advance!!
MBRP. No audiabe change, no power difference. in my case, visual change only. Doubt it will fit a 37” spare, I have not tried it. The DPF takes all the sound out..... paint it, WAY cheaper.
That is a nice looking exhaust though!
That is a nice looking exhaust though!
I ordered the banks 4inch, really isn’t any benefits to 5 inch, your down pipe and everything else is 4, plus it will clear your spare.