Does the 2020 have an antenna still?


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Jun 30, 2020
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Didn't even look when I was at the dealer if the 2020 F-250's have an antenna still on the fender? Seems pretty common most manufactures are removing them, and moving them to in the window.

If the 2020's do have them, anyone have any stubbys the recommend? I absolutely think antennas look stupid, especially on any current vehicle, especially a $80,000 truck.
Yes, standard antenna is part of the truck.

I use mine for clearance, so no chance I'll replace it.

Maybe that was their reasoning too by leaving It on. My 2015 Ram had an antenna that bent pretty easily, but my 2019 Ram they did away with it. One less thing to break or replace.
I used to use mine for clearance and in the past have gone as far as wrapping a piece of colored electrical tape to mark the roofline for those times I felt like really shoehorning my truck somewhere.

I had picked up the Ronin antenna for my 2015 F250 but never put it on, so it went on the Tremor when it came home.
Thanks for that link, been looking for a stubby and I like the looks of that one ??
Thanks for that link, been looking for a stubby and I like the looks of that one ??
it is cheaper on Amazon

First mod I bought “The Stubby” antenna. I’ll never try to shoehorn this truck into a parking garage. It’s taller then 7’ and that seems to be the magic number for a lot of garages around here so I won’t even try. My old truck was just under 7’ so would roll the dice every now and then.
Just found this thread looking for a stubby antenna. Went into a parking garage today for a construction meeting and parked on second floor and went up the stairs. 7’ clearance. The truck was clear, about 1/4” from the top of the Sirius/modem things on top of the roof. Now my antenna is beat up and I want to replace it and never again go in a deck that only had 7’ clearance.

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