DIY Black out Chrome grill

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Mar 20, 2021
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So...... I was going to buy a black grill for my 2021 XLT tremor and install. But decided to first try and paint the existing chrome grill. If it turned out like shit i'd go
ahead with the new purchase, no worries.

I removed grill and sanded down by hand. Just tedious. Cleaned grill with alcohol to remove residue and commenced to hanging and painting in my backyard.
This is redneck stuff right here, lol. Came out pretty well thou IMO.

While I had grill off I installed a hidden front mount hitch receiver. Plan to use a basket up front to carry stuff. This hitch basically was a bolt on install.

Directions say for paint say to dry for 24 hours or more. I used the next few days and installed two slim LED lights in grill. After grill was installed back on truck
I wired the lights to uplifter fuse block on passenger side. Very simple.

Pretty happy with it so far.........

Also replaced the factory bed decal with one I had printed.

Grill before paint


Grill after paint


LED Light


Installed on truck


Finish . . . . .



Looks great. Much more rugged/militaristic looking than the stock pearly grille.

What paint did you use?
Looks fantastic, is the grill hard to remove?
Not the OP, but I removed mine when I installed my light bar. It takes a little elbow grease, but its pretty easy. Just have to make sure you get all the bolts, as if I recall correctly, there are 2 at the bottom hidden behind plastic door panels.
Correct as mentioned. The grill is not difficult to remove. But there are like 20 or so of the plastic push screws and (2) hidden metal screws. I watched video on YT and counted as I went. LOL. After all the is hardware is removed you have to kinda man-handle the grill on one side to get it to start coming off, I always hate that part. Then just don't drop it.
Wanting to do the same, but always nervous about doing something to a new part. Has anyone come across a non-Ford produced aftermarket OEM style grill? Seems too new, but you usually get a bunch of aftermarket companies making replacement plastic parts fairly cheap.
THIS is the inspiration I needed to Black Out my grill & F250 side badges with Raptor Liner! As soon as the snow melts and this temperature gets back within reason I’m going for it!


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