Did anyone's Dealership get their order 100% correct?

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Sep 14, 2019
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I have seen a number of people commenting on how their order wasn't exactly what they wanted. There is nothing more frustrating than placing a specific order and not getting what you asked for. What got missed / added that didn't match your request?

Mine was almost right - I loaded up my 6.7L King Ranch with every option I could - except they somehow missed the dual alternators.

Nope, mine missed the trailer backup assist package. :confused:
Mine was correct but I double checked the order after it was submitted since I don't trust anybody to do their job right.
We will see, I went through the order twice and made corrections. KTP plant has to open up first!
Mine was correct but one of my best friends is the GM so he and I did it together with me looking over his shoulder. I had the order codes researched ahead of time so I was able to double check it as we put it in. .
Mine was correct - sorta. Salesman talked me into the universal garage opener after my initial order. I said yes. But it didn’t come with it.
Mine was correct!!
I got shorted the customer trailer camera with the tps sensors I was just told that ford didn’t have in stock and would be shipping out before the end of April
Mine was correct, but I wish the salesman would educate themselves on all the options. For instance, the heated steering wheel buried in the window de-icer option.
Mine was correct. I triple-checked the order before hitting send.
Mine was correct but came with some extras I didn't order.


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mine was 100% perfect
Mine was correct! I ordered the sport package later, like two weeks but had another email sent to confirm what I was getting.
I configured a F250, they fat-fingered in a F350 ... Once I got the VIN, I brought to their attention and we split the difference. I was on the fence anyways, so all good.
i ordered 250 xlt tremor told them NO CHROME just like my Raptor . busted their balls about the xlts i see have CHROME please change it to lariat sport they said we don't have to because the xlt will have no CHROME . dealership owner swore up & down no CHROME on xlt . when truck came in there was CHROME i flipped out then they had the balls to say we can paint the bumpers & get a black grille. i said just reorder me the right truck. they emergency ordered lariat sport but now everything has stopped. i've been without a truck since oct. 4 2019. only bright side is i'm paying the xlt price for a lariat sport because of all my pain & suffering