Dealers are funny.


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Nov 21, 2020
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So our Tremor is due to arrive Wednesday, March 10. Just for the heck of it, I was browsing the website of the dealer where we ordered ours from. As I'm looking through the inventory I noticed one of their Tremors was equipped like the one we had ordered. Checking the VIN, it WAS ours. It was listed as "in stock" and for sale. Naturally I drove over right away and no where to be seen. After some detective work, I find that ours still has not arrived. So the inventory listing says to click on one the boxes to find out more about these trucks and one similarly equipped. Unreal the bait and switch b.s. games these dealers play. I can only hope the delivery experience isn't full of b.s. too.
Gary, do a low pass over the dealer's lot in your Galaxy and flip a few Focuses upside down.
I think a lot of dealers have that happen. When I was shopping, I wanted to sit in an XLT and Lariat, and drive a 7.3 with the 4.3 RAR. More than half the trucks I saw on the Ford website were either not available or already sold. It took a lot of legwork to finally drive a couple to test drive, one was actually a Lariat Ultimate Tremor with the 7.3. If it didn't have Nav, a sunroof, and the trailer assist (all $$ I didn't want to spend), I would have probably bought it right then.

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