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Oct 16, 2020
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My wife and I flew to Dallas from South Carolina to purchase a 2006 king ranch dually back in 2007, not for a lower price but to get a low mileage used one in tuxedo black with gold secondary paint. We did this because that color was difficult to locate back then (hard to believe).

Now I want to order a new tremor for the wife at the best price and I would like to do the fly and drive home thing again. Any specific dealership you all would recommend? From reading posts on hear it sounds like Texas is the place for truck deals, which would work out great as we both hunt and could combine truck purchase trip with an exotic hunt. Any specific Texas dealership or city recommendations? Thanks in advance!
I saw a bunch of tremors at koons ford in Baltimore also. If you didn’t want to go that far.
We shopped around the Houston area a good bit and ended up going with Bill Fick Ford up in Huntsville (about 1 1/2 hours north). They beat all the other prices by a couple thousand and I think we ended up around 7k off MSRP. This was back in December. Depending on what your looking for they might have something on the lot. When I bought mine they had 3 other F350 Tremors and several F250’s Tremors as well.
Thanks @LoneStar Tremor! It would be nice to find something already on the lot, however, we want it optioned a certain way that is a bit unusual. F350 Lariat, agate black, black package, Lariat ultimate, gooseneck installed, moon roof, clearance lights and carpet delete. There is one other thing I've learned over the years factory ordering several vehicles - there's a preconceived notion that ordering a vehicle ends up being more expensive. I believe just the opposite is true for one simple fact, when you order from the factory the dealer only keeps the vehicle on their lot for a day or two, which gives them all of the dealer hold back to keep because they do not have any finance costs keeping it on the lot until it sells. I've ordered a couple vehicles that I was able to get a couple thousand under invoice because I was able to get part of the hold back in the negotiations.