Daily vehicle sighting lols.

I’m not very dodge savvy when it comes to this but I’ve got a 3rd gen (2005) and they are manual fold in/out as well as Cornholio style 😂

Hahahahahaha "Cornholio style"

Mad parking skills level unlocked: Not sure what his parking at the mall will look like, but at least he had no problems here. Maybe some late night drinking and then making it home? PS: I walked by quite a while later and he was still parked like this lol

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Sir, that’s vehicular abandonment, not parking. You should contact CPS (Car Protective Services) and inform them of the violation. Abandonment is a serious issue.
I just saw them remove some of the best cat* protection! Dang it!

* As in catalytic converter. I don’t think a raccoon would be good for protecting feline friends.
I think I laughed more at the Boston accent and the 'coon trying to gain traction on the slick concrete 😂
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