? Custom Gel / Domed Decals ?


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Nov 2, 2020
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Okay guys,

I'm curious if anyone knows of anyone or can recommend a good company that can do custom gel / domed decals?

I was thinking it would be cool to have some custom gel / domed "Tremor" decals, to increase the "identity" of our Tremors. Everything from tailgate badging to what I was looking for was some actual interior badging, so you know you're in a Tremor!! I know some guys are doing the embroidery on the headrest, but how easy would it be to put a custom 3D / domed Tremor decal on the interior door handles?

I have used a guy in Etsy in the past and his stuff turns out great, but he's not doing custom jobs anymore.
Here's an example of his stuff,

When looking at the interior door handle area, I think a 1" to 1.25" tall by 6" to 7" long would be perfect. A guy could do a basic black and grey or black and silver so it would match just about everyone's interior?

Any thoughts or suggestions????
So I did some checking and actually found a company that would recreate the "TREMOR" logo like the one pictured below.

Size would be 1.5" tall and 8" long

Here's some examples of their work,

What kind of interest would there be if one decal shipped to you would be around that 13.00 each or 25.00 for a pair???