📷 TOTM CSURam_06 - February 2024 Tremor of the Month Winner!


"Finally got a chance to get them all out of the garage. 30 Model A Couple 70 Mustang 350 21 Bronco Badlands 22 Tremor"​

The 'Ford Fans' photo contest this month did not disappoint, featuring 26 outstanding shots that made choosing one harder than ever. After the tally of 102 votes, @CSURam_06 stood out as the clear winner, earning the title of February 2024's Tremor of the Month! Congrats! 🏆

If you didn't get a chance to see the poll, all the Tremor photos are still available for viewing in the voting thread here:

A big thank you to everyone who participated by submitting photos and casting votes.

The next contest will kick off the first week of March!
Congrats CSU, that's an absolutely beautiful stable of vehicles! 🏆
Thank you all. It is fun to have them all. We also have a '29 Model A Wagon that I'm having some work done on. My great grandfather bought it new off the assembly line. It lived a hard life in the coal mines of southern Colorado, so we are working on bringing it back to life.

Looking at the photo, I may have to buck up and wrap the truck AMB.
Congratulations and what a line up. Very Jealous!!!! Especially the Model A.
Congrats, "car show!" ;)
Thank you all. I am more of a lurker, but have found this site so informative. I joined just before I ordered my truck in summer of 22. This has been a great resource and am honored.