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Jul 8, 2019
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Just wondering if it’s had an impact on your life yet? Are you stocking up on anything? Worried about traveling? Cancel any trips because of it? Postponing a purchase because of it?
Decimated finances are all so far. In a weird way, I'm kind of glad I sold some equities when I did to buy the truck. Almost perfect timing to avoid paying interest and also avoid losses on the sale at the same time.

Holding on the Tremor's front bumper 16.5ti winch right now, but still think I will do a rear Road Armor Stealth winch bumper with Warn M8000 on the Tremor, and getting a Hanson Offroad front bumper for the Jeep JK to install a Warn 8274-50 I have laying around. Someone tagged the plastic Jeep bumper in a parking lot, and caved it in badly. It looks terrible and I know I could fix it more cheaply with a stock replacement, but what the heck, do it the long term solution way, right?

Other than those splurges, sitting tight on cash for now. I have a ton of elk and venison in the chest freezer, and plenty of ammo, so maybe get a couple more big bottles of Whataburger Spicy Ketchup and I am stocked up. ?

There’s definitely a run on water and canned food. Masks are impossible to find. No confirmed cases in Montana yet but it’s in neighboring states now. We’ll have test kits available this week. It’ll start spreading like wildfire here soon but the good thing is that young kids are less likely to have severe disease. Most serious cases are in those with underlying chronic medical conditions. If you have heart or lung conditions be cautious. People can be asymptomatic and still be contagious. I’d avoid transportation centers and unnecessary travel. Btw I’m a physician so I’m not talking out of my ass.
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I have not given it much thought until now ! Ryan please keep us informed and updated if you would .
I have always been a healthy person but living in Houston things can change qwick.
Annnnnnnd I'm in airplanes to the largest cities in the US over the next three weeks.

Will do. The cdc has updates on their website daily. Your local hospital will as well. That’ll be your best resource for local information. What we know now is that there is the potential for community spread in those without known travel abroad. The new cases on the west coast are community spread cases. Take normal precautions. Wash your hands. Keep your fingers out of your nose.
Annnnnnnd I'm in airplanes to the largest cities in the US over the next three weeks.

My good friend and neighbor is a pilot. My wife is freaking out. That and I work in the icu so I’ll be the one taking care of these folks.

DFW-SFO-SEA-DFW-EWR-DFW then drive to Austin next week.

I'm dead.

But another thing, the known case fatality rate is extremely low. Mortality rate is around 1% or less. Influenza os so far more prevalent and can be more fatal.
I have a compromised cranial follicle health condition. Will I be the first to go?


DFW-SFO-SEA-DFW-EWR-DFW then drive to Austin next week.

I'm dead.

You’ll be alright brother. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Take some hand sanitizer with you and some disinfecting wipes for the seat area. You’ll look like a crazy person but I wear a MAGA hat so I get weird looks anyway. Haha
I have a compromised cranial follicle health condition. Will I be the first to go?

Most definitely. But I’ve heard of a great treatment for that. It’s been around for decades but recently is becoming popular again. It’s called hair alternative treatment. H. A. T. Works great. 100% cure rate

Have a great night Ryan!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

It's affected me mainly because of the declines in the stock market this week. I hope it's temporary but watching your retirement lose 15% in one week is quite alarming. I've been through some market crashes before (2008, 2001), but this is certainly the fastest. We are going out tomorrow to start stocking up on can & dry goods. I hope the media is blowing it way out of proportion but you never know.

The more it spreads the less desire I'll have to travel, attend events, movies, going out to eat, etc. I probably won't be making any unnecessary or large purchases until things calm down. I can certainly see the impact it could have to the economy and that worries me.
The market will definitely correct. We’re watching the losses as well but will ride it out.
The company grounded me. Very limited travel. Hope they adjust my sales targets too. Not a bad idea, but it hurts.

We're 45 minutes south of the infected area in Seattle.

Last Thursday I stocked up on a month's worth of food/supplies for the family at Costco. Chest freezer is full & I have enough ammo to hold off a couple waves of zombie attack. Boat gas tank is full and at the dock. There is a good chance school will be canceled for a few weeks, so my 5 year old daughter may be home. No biggie. Wifey is working from home for a while.

People are generally relaxed around town until someone coughs.
IMO, the world is freaking out for no reason. WAY more people die from seasonal flu each year. No comparison. The media is blowing this up and making it far worse than it should be. Nothing new there.
Although the virus isn’t as virulent as the flu it is proving to be exceedingly more contagious. More infections results in more fatalities. The death rate might be low but if millions are infected even a small fatality rate results in a large number of deaths. I wouldn’t be so dismissive especially if you or anyone you know has underlying cardiopulmonary disease.
If the press was reporting statistics for both the new virus and seasonal flu side by side so the public could compare the two, it would be far more helpful than what they are doing now which is causing worldwide panic. I'm not in the medical field so my opinion means nothing but I'm guessing we currently have hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of cases of the flu in the US right now. Compared to less than 100 for the virus. Will it get worse? Most likely. Will it get as bad as the seasonal flu. Probably not.

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