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Jan 22, 2020
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The Tremor would be one of the easiest vehicles to clone. Since its just an option not really a model like a Shelby or GT.

Ebay has Tremor stickers, Many of us have upgraded our wheels and sold the old ones. So any Clones out there yet?

Is there any indication by the VIN # that its real Tremor?
so did some research and well no there isn't
How to decode a Vehicle Identification (VIN) number

going off of this you Vin will be

1FT (F250) 8W2B (F350) 8W3B (6.7) T (7.3) N 6LE SERIAL NUMBER
so F250 would look like this with a 6.7
1FT8W2BT6LE***** 1FT8W2BTXLEE04046 This is a real Vin it is for sale
F350 6.7
F350 7.3
1FT8W3BN9LED75565 This is a real Vin it is for sale

These are tremors

1FT8W2BT2LED49205 this Vin is to a F250 with a FX4 6.7
Tremor cloning probably really easy to achieve yes (stickers, etc.), but the real difference is all the suspension mods, GVWR, tire / wheel ratings, speedometer calibration are all factory warranted. No messing around with aftermarket B/S, plus you can easily roll all option costs into the original loan if you want. That was what lured me into the Tremor package. I didn't want to buy a truck and have to have it a shop for days, spend $2-3k for suspension lift, tires / wheels, etc. So it was a matter of convenience and warranty for me. Dollar-wise, about the same either way, one could argue.
Trail control, good point, though don't know how often one might actually use that (if simply cloning "the look"). To me, the Tremor shock setup seems to give a really nice ride. The shocks seem to be valved for the suspension height. So many considerations in modding aftermarket...
At least for the 2020, wouldn't the trail control thing be a giveaway just sitting in the drivers seat?

Without it, it's not a Tremor?

yea true but on the outside you wouldn't know
yea true but on the outside you wouldn't know
Totally agree, I was just thinking if you were actually looking to buy one used, that would be an easy way to determine if it is real. It's kind of like the Rubicon stickers on Jeeps. A tire and wheel swap and sticker and it looks like a real one. No sway bar disconnect, no e-lockers or 4:1 tcase and you start wondering.....

I think easiest is looking under the truck. Look for the Dana axels, and tremor shocks. i think only tremors have rock crawl drive model so you can check that.....
I’m wondering if the mystical winch will be available for anything other than the Tremor? That’s the one clone aspect I’d be intent on recreating.