Chris' 2022 F-250 Lariat Tremor Build


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Feb 25, 2021
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2022 Lariat Ultimate Black Out Tremor
Just ordered today 2022 F-250 Tremor, with Xplan and some extras, Hope its here buy July, fingers crossed. Dealer used code 11 for order and thinks it will probably go first Job #1 week. All their orders come out of the KY plant. let the fun begin!

Thanks to y'all for all the tips and tricks!


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Congrats Cackalacky! I also placed my 2022 order today. It's almost identical to yours except in antimatter blue. Also from KY plant.

I was dead set on ordering an XLT last week but after finding out Sync4 was only available on Lariat and up I begrudgingly upgraded to a Lariat. Was planning to change out a few things anyway I won't have to anymore. Now the waiting game.
Congratulations! Very similarly optioned to my 2021. I am really glad I got the ultimate pkg. I have the adaptive Cruise but haven’t used it. No heated steering wheel but that’s life. It was my only compromise.
You might want to add the 5th wheel prep pkg. it’s cheap from the factory (~$550) but expensive to add later ($680 parts plus instl). It’s resale value is worth it even if you don’t use it plus it gives you a power outlet in the bed for a camper or trailer.


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Congrats on the build, looks like a nicely equipped beast in the making. Hopefully the time goes fast, but will be worth the wait!
Let the wait begin! :)