Carli 4.5” lift


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Apr 19, 2022
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just curious if anyone has installed the Carli 4.5” just in the front? It says on the Carli site that it will raise 3.5” on a tremor but I’m wondering if it’ll sit level or be nose high?
By measuring it would be about 1/2” higher than the rear but I’m wondering if it’ll look level just looking at it?
I’m asking because I really don’t want to put more money in the rear since the front is already pricey with King shocks in the mix 😂
I have a set of used Carli shocks for sale. I believe it will raise a Tremor 4.5” and a non-tremor 5.5” so you should keep that in mind. An inch higher than you are thinking.

From a handling perspective I don’t think it’s a good idea and probably stick with the full lift kit
The Carli site said tremor is 3.5 because it starts off an 1” higher. I might just go with the 2.5/3.5 level instead but now I can’t make up my mind on Foxes or Kings 😂
I know I’m not going to be going crazy off road but just driving around some brush area and the beach, but those Kings are very good looking!
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I have a F350 FX4 on 2.5/3.5 Carli commuter kit with the stock springs in the rear. I am about to replace the Fox shocks with the kings. I don’t think that you can keep the stock rear end going up to the 4.5/5.5 lift. You will need to replace the rear springs with the minimum add a leaf
I personally wish I could have the 4.5/5.5 lift. My fifth wheel is too low unfortunately so I didn’t have a choice. I know the 4.5/5.5 has better performance.

What shock package are you going with?
That’s another reason why I didn’t want to go higher because I plan to get a 5th wheel down the road. I would really like to get the Kings but I think I’m going to slowly get all the pieces because those with the leaf springs and torsion sway bar comes out pretty high lol.
I also really wanted to try Accutune’s shock packages because I like how they have a wider range of Fox shocks too.
I just finished ordering wheels and tires because the duratracs are already getting low so it’ll be a little bit before I jump on the suspension.
Well I am going from commuter to pintop but I will still have my stock springs for a while. The best thing about Carli is that you can buy things as you can afford it and build up to their premier suspensions. When I get them installed I can let you know what I think.
Yes for sure! If it performs good with the stock leaf springs then I’ll just leave them be.

I see a bunch of ppl saying that the rear rides terrible but honestly I don’t think it’s really all that bad. My wife and kids even think it rides good!

But the thing is I came from a 2011 Ram 3500 that rode like a horse carriage and that was with King Shocks and upgrades springs!
Yeah I think a lot comes down to personal preference and I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations based on what they read on the internet. I don’t expect much change until I get the deavers.