Can we resolve 7.3 pedal lag?

I have Banks Pedal Monster on my 6.7l powerstroke, works awesome, I believe there is a thread for 7.3l application/review.
check pedal commander also couple people at work use it with no complaints
What problem are you having, mine seems ok except for a few low speed shift lurches
Without adding a tuner.

What is the cause for this phenomenon? Can it be cured without adding a tuner ? It's annoying as fuck.

I think I’ll be getting one soon.
I don't have this lag?
All of these units while solving the problem, rob fuel economy. The intention of this thread was to pinpoint what causes the issue, and look for a solution without adding after market tuners. My F150 never had this issue and didnt need a pedal monster-max -commander.... bullshit box. So why does it do this?

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