Camper Shell Better Security?


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Mar 15, 2020
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Monday before xmas my truck and ARE Overland Cap were broken into. Cleared out all my work and camping gear. Anyone have any ideas on how to beef up the locks, latches, or in general make it more difficult to defeat.
My sincere condolences.
I have a Knaack job box bolted to the bed under a Diamondback.
I doubt you could do better. The Diamondback could be compromised but the Knaack is Fort Knox.
I think anything where you add a second layer would work almost all the time. There are cheaper options than the Knaack that would probably be just as effective when paired with the canopy.

Also, if it happened at your house or someplace you control, add motion lights and either a camera or even just a fake conspicuous camera.
Some of our work trucks have alarms on the topper door. beefing them up is not much of an option, as they are not very sturdy.
I'm sorry that this happened to you.

Unfortunately the trucks themselves including the cab can be broken into with low skill attacks, nothing will be Fort Knox. Your best bet is minimizing the target areas with things like alarms, motion detection lights and cameras.

If you still want more security I would use latches like these make brackets for all the access points and wire them to a switch in the cab. Turn them on and it will pull the pins back and turn them off and they will latch shut. They will draw some power when unlocked but it shouldn't be much.
Thank you for the replies. I had my work gear in a pelican case strapped to the box links. Apparently not secured enough. Happened in my driveway next to the standing post light that is left on all night. At the end of the day 90% of the items are replaceable. Thanks again for the replies.