Camper and WD hitch requirement


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Jul 22, 2020
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This will be my first time owning a 3/4 ton truck and I'm not sure if still need to use my WD hitch.

I currently pull a 27' camper, weight is around 6k + whatever we pack it full with. Should I still use my WD hitch?

If one isn't needed, is there any recommend hitch setups that aren't WD but have sway control support?
Yes, if it was a flatbed and pulling 6k not so much, but a camper that catches all kinds of wind and is generally unruly towing with a high cg it is always a good idea to have wd w/sway. I have towed mine short distances without and not had much problem but for any sort of distance or high speed you definitely want it. I use the husky centerline ts and it is pretty easy to hookup, there are some others out there that dont use chains that are easy as well.
Welcome to the forum @pkrexer - I have a 27ft Airstream (about 7500 pounds) and I'm still planning on using my WDH. It's probably not needed to distribute the weight, but still helps with the trailer sway. I had this same setup on my RAM 2500 diesel and it towed noticeably better with it.