Braking at speed pulls hard to the right (Brand new)


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Mar 30, 2021
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2021 F250 Lariat Diesel Tremor
Just curious, have never seen this with previous bone stock F250 (2012) and F350 (2017), but my 2021 Diesel F250 Tremor steers completely straight, at low speeds slowing down seems fine.. but if you brake from 60 or hard brake at 30-40, the truck pulls to the right and feels generally sloppy when braking.

I guess my ask is.. is this normal? Googling around, doesn't seem normal, but also doesn't seem straight forward for a dealer to troubleshoot.. with horror stories of tons of different things replaced by mechanics. I'm a little gun-shy of the dealers since my run-in last week (Other post, where they broke the window then scratched the paint, to re-attach a piece of trim).

Should I bring it in to them, or is this just how it is when you have a slightly raised truck?

Thanks, and appreciate the patience with my mechanically noob ass.
My truck did this a few times when it was brand new. I also had a soft brake pedal or required more effort to stop in my opinion. It lasted until the brakes broke in. Haven't had the problem since. Also, the truck has good initial bite now when stopping and stops like the other Super Dutys i've owned, if not better.
I have thousands of miles on mine now and still have this problem. Hard breaking and it will pull to one side. I have not taken it in yet, but it is a serious issue for me.

This might help you out, seems like a similar issue
Thanks, will try to scare my salesman on our test drive tomorrow.
I had this issue on my truck. Hard pull to the right at anything over moderate braking. At ~250 miles, I got two new calipers, caliper brackets, and a new set of front brake pads on the truck. Zero issues, since. I'm now at 8500 miles, with about 6000+ of that towing an 11k lb 5th wheel.
I had the TSB done, they replaced both of my front calipers.