Blue Def vs Blue Def Platinum

There has been a ton of debate on this. As such, I decided to do my own controlled test. As far as what the fluid is used for, which is the actual DEF, there is no difference. The difference is in the proprietary ingredients that was put into Platinum that they say keeps the DEF from crystalizing in the exhaust over time. I can verify to you all that DEF absolutely does crystalize in the exhaust over time.

First test, I tossed some regular old DEF on the side of my truck and waited 10 minutes. I then tossed some Platinum DEF on the same side just a little further back towards the tailgate and waited another 10 minutes. The difference even with this basic action was telling. I am sorry, I don't have pictures... I wasn't planning on proving. The regular DEF was as we all have seen all white and crystalized. The Platinum DEF has some hazing and very little white crystallization.

Next test, I tossed some Platinum DEF on the regular DEF to see if it would actually remove or help with the already existing crystallized DEF on the side. After waiting only 5 minutes I could see that the Platinum DEF did take some of the buildup away. Where the hell did it go, you may ask? I have no idea and that is for a different experiment. Suffice it to say it was not there in the same amounts prior.

The last test I did was to fully drain the regular DEF out and replace with all Platinum. Unfortunately, I should have been more controlled here so my results are not all that scientific. After approximately 1500 miles I noticed I was getting around 1 to 1.25 more MPG than before. Is this absolutely attributed to the Platinum DEF? No but it cannot be fully discounted either, yet. Next, I noticed after about the 3000 mile mark I was using less DEF than I was before. Here again, can this be absolutely attributed to the Platinum DEF? No, but as before it cannot be fully discounted either. The pattern here is that all these coincidences are starting to have a common denominator amongst them. The last thing I have really noticed is the smell of the final exhaust. For the record, I am not one that goes around purposely huffing, sniffing or otherwise breathing combustion exhaust... although the times that I have inhaled it for whatever reason might explain why I am the way I am. Again, another discussion for a different time.

The one thing I will say is that all those that say DEF is DEF and has to be exactly the same formula are right. DEF is DEF the actual active ingredient for exhaust treatment is deionized water and extremely pure urea to the tune of 67.5% to 32.%% respectively. The people that say there has to be something else in it are absolutely correct too. The proprietary ingredient is not meant to directly act within the exhaust stream. Rather, it is meant to counter the crystallization that is known to occur in the tanks, tubes, nozzles and pipes of the exhaust system. This should, in theory, help to keep the system operating and a higher, if not peak, performance level. I cannot say if this is for certain but from my own experiences seems to help some. Is it worth the expense over DEF? That is something only each individual operator can answer for themselves. Speaking for only myself, I use it as I can get it at only $6 to $8 more than the regular and I can afford it. So, to me, it is just like using Synthetic Oil versus Dino Oil, it may very well not do anything but the worst thing that happens is that it hurts my own wallet some.
The only thing that truly matters is that it's fresh. I bought the Platinum Blue DEF for my 2020 Duramax and it threw some codes and I had to have the tank drained and codes cleared. Went back to regular Blue DEF and no more issues.

Truck stop DEF is fresh and is usually slightly cheaper
Truckers put generic in their engines which cost more than a new Tremor!
Right wrong or in different, I used the Walmart $7 a jug stuff for 100,000 miles on my last 6.7 power stroke with no issues.
Perhaps some anecdotal info, but I have a 2021 F350 Tremor I purchased new in April of this year. To date, 7100 miles on it. About 4 weeks ago, I got the dreaded DEF warning, meaning my DEF injector was bad. The first tank of DEF was whatever Ford stokced it with. I bought three boxes of DEF Blue Platinum and gradually worked them in as my tank of DEF went down, my thought being to keep the system as clean as possible using the Blue Platinum. When the dealer replaced the injector, I was told that the injector was dirty/blocked. My feeling is that the factory loaded mystery brand DEF was the culprit. I will only be using Blue Platinum DEF going forward.

Again, just to be transparent, the mechanic could not say for sure what caused the dirty/blocked injector, but DEF fluid is the only thing running through the injector. Hope this helps.
It could also meant there was debris in the DEF tank when the factory cat piss was added. It seems clear that it is piss easy, if you will, to make acceptable DEF. I suspect that there is some validity to the claims that the Platinum offers some advantages. Unless a controlled study of considerable length were undertaken there's piss all to determine if the Platinum is better.
Couldn't that also mean the Platinum DEF you were slowly adding in could have been the culprit too?
It could, certainly. There was not a definitive answer from the mechanic as to the culprit. If it was the Platinum DEF, then the expectation would be that this issue would come up again within the next 7k-10k miles, like it popped up in the first 7k miles on the trip. Still going to use Platinum DEF as that part is still under factory warranty as it is a "free" experiment. Been searching for some scientific data on this question of Regular vs Platinum DEF, but cannot seem to locate any.
you need to keep in mind that DEF expires too.
I actually prefer Jugs, but if you’re a hose guy then that’s ok
i do too, without a replaceable DEF filter to catch dirt/crystalline deposits the truckstop def is just to risky. at least with the jugs you can have some quality assurance based on the date on the jug and a visual inspection of the fluid.
i do too, without a replaceable DEF filter to catch dirt/crystalline deposits the truckstop def is just to risky. at least with the jugs you can have some quality assurance based on the date on the jug and a visual inspection of the fluid.
I was just being a child and taking advantage of the opportunity to make a “jugs” joke