Best aftermarket gooseneck hitch?


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Jun 9, 2020
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My impatience got the best of me when I found a Ford Tremor out of state that had absolutely everything I wanted minus the gooseneck hitch and prep package. I now need to add an aftermarket gooseneck hitch to my bed. I’ve seen a few from B&W that look good, but I do not want one that requires bed removal to install as well as a handle sticking out of the rear wheel well.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a good set up that has a fairly easy install and simply utilizes a latch on the ball for insertion and removal?

Thank you as always for any help that your provide.
Installed B&W turn over on my 2017 F250 in a couple hours , no bed removal , only issue I had was exhaust touched it ( slightly ) , had to change pipe
to aftermarket
Edit: handle is close to inner fender on top of frame rail , for a simple install and quality product I can live with the handle .
( Ordered tremor with oem hitch , so I understand wanting the puck system)
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Installed the B&W turnover in mine today. Pretty easy install. I did a lot of research and it all led to the B&W being a superior product. Here’s a link to my write up. Took about 3 hours by myself in the driveway with tools I already owned.

I don’t think I explained it very well in my post, my mistake. What I am looking for is a gooseneck hitch without a release pin. I want the release to solely be within the ball that drops down into the hitch. Is there something like this that does not require bed removal?
Try this
Try this
Wow, I think that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you so much @Bram

Man I love this forum!!!!