Bedslide, has anyone installed one yet?


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Dec 14, 2020
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I currently have a Decked unit in my Chevy HD and was thinking of going to a Bedslide in my new Tremor when it arrives?
I’ve grown to really hate the decked system it’s hard to reach anything in the back and I feel it has a lot of wasted space.
Has anyone put in a Bedslide? How do you like it? Pics?
They make good sense if you're a shell guy. I prefer my diamondback for versatility. If I need the whole bed it comes off in 5 minutes. That happens rarely. For towing our trailer I like being able to grab anything in a couple seconds. Of course that will be a little harder withthe Tremor with it being 3" higher than my F150.
On my F150 I carpeted a sheet of plywood and mounted my dometic fridge slider to that. Usually pull the plywood out when not in use.
Iam considering a "CargoGlide" on top of my "Decked" setup on my Tremor... (Have a Leer Cap)....
I went with a morryde sliding tray system. This is it in the F150, will go straight in the Tremor when it arrived...

Iam considering a "CargoGlide" on top of my "Decked" setup on my Tremor... (Have a Leer Cap)....
Did you put a slide on top of your Decked Drawer System? If so, how do you like it. I'm considering it now.
I chose the Bed Slide 1000 with the Side Bins. It's awesome.

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