Bed Rug Issues with Automatic Tailgate


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Feb 6, 2020
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San Diego, CA
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I recently received and installed a Bed Rug XLT mat (the one that covers the bottom of the bed and tailgate). I was super stoked until I had issues with my automatic tailgate not opening. I called Bed Rug and they said I need to "train" the fabric in between the bed and tailgate to fold up. This is fine until my kid or dog crawling around the back push the transition part into the gap. Let alone hauling rocks, dirt, etc. that they advertise. Bed Rug responded that if it does get pushed down I would need to pull it up prior to closing the tailgate (which is a pain). My only solution is to cut off the transition part in between the truck bed and tailgate. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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